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Tag: Rebuildable Dripper (RDA)

Rebuildable Dripper (RDA)

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  • The Drop Solo is the latest game changing RDA designed by Brian from The Vapor
Chronicles YouTube channel. It is the single coil 22mm version of the original 24mm
DROP RDA, which has been widely recommended as the best RDA in the industry.

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  • The Peerless RDA features an original build deck design that is made to fit large builds with an added post hole to support smaller coils. It also comes with a squonk pin for using with a Squonk MOD.

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  • The Peerless RDA features an original build deck design that is made to fit large builds with an added post hole to support smaller coils. It also comes with a squonk pin for using with a Squonk MOD. 

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  • Features


    • 24 mm diameter
    • Gold plated postless raised style deck
    • 2.5mm square post holes to handle any build you throw at it
    • 9mm by 2mm airflow slots
    • 2 options for airflow, top and bottom. Flip barrel upside down to make your choice
    • Flat head and allen key screws included
    • 810 resin drip tip, 810 derlin drip tip & 510 stainless steel adapter included
    • Gold plated squonk pin included
    • Line up protruding lock on deck with opposite on barrel to properly align barrel to deck
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  • Features


    • 24mm rda with ample build space and generous post holes
    • Slide in top coil deck takes the guesswork out of pre cutting your coil leads
    • Adjustable top side diagonal airflow with a focus on flavor and to minimize leaking
    • Single or dual coil configurations
    • Gold plated positve post for better conductivity
    • Knurled grip to adjust the airflow with ease
    • Post screws fasten to the flat side of the coil lead to preserve your build
    • Bottom feeding pin included for ‘squonking’
    • Two 810 driptip options including a colorful resin tip and a 510 adapter
    • Slotted or hex head post screw options
    • Protruding 510 pin and peek insulation for hybrid top cap compatibility
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  • Features


    • 24mm diameter
    • 2 post build deck with gold plated positive post
    • 2.5 by 3.5 mm post holes
    • 16 1.2 mm bottom adjustable honeycomb airflow for each side
    • Top cap locking system with adjustable airflow
    • 6mm deep juice well with raised bottom airflow to prevent leaking
    • Flat head screws 810 Cobra drip tip and
    • 810 frosted drip tip included
    • Gold plated squonk pin included
    • With coily tool the correct length to cut coils is 6.5mm
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  • The OBS® Cheetah™ 3 RDA is the dripper you have been waiting for! The new 3rd generation Cheetah™ now features a large build deck for quick and easy coil installations, has a super deep juice well, huge middle airflow and is “Squonk-Ready” for use with BF MODs, making this the perfect RDA for any rebuilding enthusiast. ture.

    Please note: The Cheetah™ 3 requires installation of coils/wicks before use.

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  • Features


    • 24mm Diameter
    • Deep Juice Wells
    • Superior Stainless Steel Construction
    • Dual Post Build Deck – 4 Terminals
    • Two Terminals Per Post
    • Side Secured via Flathead Screws
    • PEEK Insulator
    • Airflow Vents Underneath Coil
    • Dual Slotted Airflow Control Top Cap
    • 810 Widebore Resin Drip Tip
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  • Features


    • Simple & Unique 45 * Building Deck
    • Double side with 28 micro air holes to bring strong throat hit.
    • Delicate & Full Flavour
    • Top filling & Deep wells, never leaking (also supports bottom feeding)
    • Unique luxury painting finish, processed by CNC Technique
    • The aluminium package could be used as 510 stand basement
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    • Size: Dia24x30(mm)
    • Capacity:2ML
    • Drip Tip: 810
    • Type: SIngle Coil RDA



    • Deep juice well & leak proof design
    • Unique 3D honeycomb airflow system
    • Easy coil installation
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    • 24mm Deck
    • Massive two post design
    • Peek Insulator
    • Custom machined logos
    • Generous adjustable airflow
    • Hybrid cap glass and metal
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    • Unique Base
    • Simple and vertical installation of the coils
    • Original bottom and side airflow
    • Option to use 810 drip tips and custom 24mm Chuff Caps
    • Length: 24mm
    • Diameter: 24mm
    • Weight: 134g
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    • Features standard 510 pin
    • Unique leak resistant tubular side direct airflow
    • Bottom feed directly to side juice wells

    Main Features


    • Uniques leak resistant tubular side direct airflow
    • Creative Airflow
    • Easy to build
    • Bottom feed directly to side juice walls
    • Length: 23mm
    • Diameter: 24.4mm
    • Capacity: 2.0ml G.W(included package): 90g
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  • The Elder Dragon RDA, designed by Wotofo and the Japanese Youtube reviewer Ryujin. The unique shaped 22mm diameter dripper includes 4 dedicated airflow channels. This dragon drip tip includes a quad terminal build deck design with squonk BF functionality. 

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  • The Wotofo Recurve RDA results from the collaboration between Wotofo and YouTuber Mike Vapes classy imagination. The utmost technical innovation led to the Recurve RDA. Recurve bow design gives this single-coil rebuildable dripping atomiser an awesome aesthetic.

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  • The Warrior is a bit hard to build into a dual coil and I dont like high wattage builds so I built it in single coil (one side only) and used the supplied block for the other side and found it delivers excellent flavor (compared to my VandyVape V2 single coil build, and the Elder Dragon-although the Dragon is better), has good air flow, and has a very airy draw (not as restricted as the Dragon or V2). I added wraps on the coil to get .4 ohm after a bit of use and run it at 30watts. It doesnt get too hot.

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