How to Prime a Coil and why it is Important

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What does ‘Priming a Coil’ mean?
Priming a coil is the process of saturating the wick material of your atomiser before using the machine. When liquid is added to your tank or pod device, it will soak in and saturate the wick material that is within the atomiser coil. Making sure this material is fully saturated before use is very important.

Why it is important to correctly prime your coil
It is important to do this as not only will it stop the coil from burning or overheating, but it will also increase the lifespan of your coil; in turn saving you money.

For instance, if you were to not correctly prime your coil, then the wick would overheat very quickly as there would not be enough moisture in the wick material. This will cause the coil to break very quickly and will also make your inhale very harsh and taste of burning. This may also cause you to cough a lot and is not a pleasant experience.

How and when to prime your coils
The process of priming a coil should take place each time you replace a coil. This could be if your old coil has burnt out and you are going to use a brand new one, or if you have bought a new device all together.

As explained above, priming a coil correctly can increase its lifespan. So doing it correctly can save you a lot of money in the long run and also maximise your vaping experience. See two methods below.

Method 1 (Long Method)
Once your new coil is fitted in your tank or device, simply add your favourite e-liquid and leave the device for around 15-20 minutes before use. This method is very popular and simple, however will take more time and not ensure your coil is fully primed.

Method 2 (Quicker Method)
Before fitting the coil into your tank, take your favorite e-liquid and slowly drip feed the liquid into the centre of the coil onto the mass of the cotton inside the coil. Do this in intervals to make sure that the wick material is slowly being saturated. Do not add too much all at once or it could cause it to overflow and make an unnecessary mess. After doing this repeatedly you should start to see the moisture in the wick material on the exposed wick on the outside of the coil.

Once the material is sufficiently saturated you can now fit the coil into your tank and fill the take up with some more e liquid. The device can now be used right away!

Yes, this method may be a little more difficult and if you do not have the time to sit there completing this process then it may not be the best method for you. However, this is the recommended method to ensure your coil is properly primed and wicking material is fully saturated to prevent instant burning or damage to the coil.

Any questions?
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