Covid-19 and Vaping

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There is very little that we know about the effects of the Coronavirus when it comes to vaping. Due to it being a very new virus we simply haven’t had the time to study these effects in depth yet!

What some studies suggest
Although we know little about the virus, there have been some studies that have taken place. Due to the virus affecting the lungs and respiratory system, some studies would suggest that it will have a more serious effect on vapers and smokers. Other studies suggest that nicotine does in fact create some form of a protective property against the virus.

What we do know

Even though there is little we know about the above, there are things we do know. Vaping during these uncertain times is definitely better for your health than smoking is. A lot of people who have unfortunately passed from this virus, especially in the older segment of the population do have underlying health issues which has made their fight against the virus practically impossible. 

Smoking increases the chance of you getting over 50 different types of health issues. In the UK alone around 78,000 people die from smoking related illnesses every year. Of course not everyone will pass from smoking however they usually will incur other illnesses due to smoking. 

Making the switch to vaping

There are many factors you must think about if you decide to make the switch to vaping. There are many benefits of vaping instead of smoking which are not Covid-19 related. Information regarding this can be found on our ‘3 Reasons to Stop Smoking and Start Vaping’ post. 

There has never been a better reason for you to stop smoking than now, we have all tried in the past and it is difficult, no one can deny it. Vaping will give you a better chance of stopping smoking than quitting cold turkey so make the change and quit for covid. 

We are here to help

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