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How to clean your vape

There are many benefits of keeping your vaping gear clean and in good condition, so let’s start with why you should clean your vape first. 

When you change coils and liquids, chances are there is still some old liquid residue on the inside of your tank. This can overshadow or completely change the flavour of the new liquid you put in your tank even though you have changed both liquid and coils. If your tank has leaked or you didn’t have your vape to the correct setting then this can cause residue to build up which can stop your device working at its top performance. 

How often should you clean your vape

Your vape should be cleaned at least once per month but other people would do this either once per week or every time they change their coil. However, if you stick to a minimum of once per month then you should keep your vape in a good condition. 

How to clean your vape 

This is why you came here, so let’s get to it. You should start by making sure you have removed all the liquid from your tank. By either using the liquid up or emptying your tank of as much liquid as possible (we don’t endorse wasting liquid so whichever works best for you). You’ll also want to make sure that you have removed your coil, if you are changing the coil then this is a given, but if you intend to continue using the coil then remove it and keep it to one side. 

Rinse your tank out with warm water, we recommend doing this for about a minute to make sure that all of the liquid residue is removed from the tank. Once you have rinsed the tank thoroughly, try to dry it out at much as possible with a piece of tissue paper. Once the tank is as dry as it can be you can put in your new coil and begin priming it. To learn how to prime your coil, see our how to prime your coil post. 

Other residue

As mentioned before, your tank may have leaked slightly or you may have a build up of residue on your device that could stop it working at optimum performance. This will usually build up where the tank fits to your device. We recommend using a piece of tissue or a cotton swab to try and wipe as much of this residue off as possible before putting your tank back on your device. 

In need of help?

If you need any advice or help cleaning your tank, then give us a call on 07543 676656 or drop us an email at We will be happy to help.