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Should I start vaping? 3 Reasons why you should stop smoking and start vaping.

There are many different reasons why people start vaping. Some people enjoy the vast array of flavours, the cost savings, others do it for the simple pleasure of vaping. However, the main reason people tend to take up vaping is definitely in replacement of smoking cigarettes or if they are using it as a method of quitting all together. We have devised some of the benefits of vaping to help with your decision to possibly stop smoking. 

1. Your Health

There is much speculation that vaping is not good for you, but this is simply not true when it comes to choosing it over smoking. Cigarettes contain many hundreds of chemicals which are very harmful to your body, such as carbon monoxide. The e liquids which you would vape do not contain any of these harmful chemicals and the vapor does not keep anything lingering in your body like tar, which sticks to your lungs when smoking. Many people who have smoked for years that switch to vaping have claimed that they feel much healthier and around over the space of a month have been able to breathe much easier as well as feeling much better within themselves. 

It is also important to note that vaping doesn’t incur side effects such as bad breath and yellow teeth and fingernails like smoking cigarettes does. And since the vapor does not linger, you would also find that it does not make your clothes and hair smell. 

2. Improved Sleep, Taste and Smell

If you are a smoker and you find it difficult to sleep, the cigarettes could be one of the many reasons why. Many ex smokers have noticed that when switching to vaping they have been able to sleep much better as well as improving their sense of taste and smell.

Not to mention, if your taste and smell improve you will be able to enjoy and appreciate the vast array of different flavours vaping has to offer. Fruits, cakes, sweets and coffees are just a few different flavour profiles that are available as e liquids, which has to be a lot more interesting than the same old tasting cigarettes.

3. Money Saving

Obviously health is important to everyone, but it is not the only benefit that is worth considering. As they say money makes the world go round and having a lot more of it at your disposal is always going to be a good thing.

Smoking is a very costly habit especially for people who smoke 20+ cigarettes a day. On average a pack of 20 cigarettes in the UK cost around £10 (bearing in mind that packs of 10 cigarettes are now banned under UK legislation). Doing some rather simple maths, smoking a pack a day can rack up to an average cost of around £3500 a year and we are sure you can easily think of something else you would rather be spending that sort of money on. 

On the other hand

Switching to vaping, can save you a lot of money. It is worth noting that it will require an upfront cost which will surpass the cost of a pack of cigarettes, but once this initial purchase has been made you will easily start to see more money staying in your pocket. Starter vaping kits can be purchased for as low as £15 and these will easily last you a long time. Other costs when vaping would be for replacement coils which you would need to buy every week or so depending on the frequency you vape, as well as some e liquid for your device. Depending on the bottle size these liquids easily last way over a week and can cost as little as £3 (also depending on the size and quality of the liquid you are purchasing).

Doing a quick search you can see that the cost of the vaping is significantly reduced compared to smoking cigarettes at an amazing £633 (depending on the device, liquids and accessories you buy). A saving of over £2800-00 in the first year alone.

Bonus: Amazing as a quitting aid

A lot of people do not have success when quitting smoking cold turkey. As well as this a lot of people struggle using other quitting aids such as nicotine patches and inhalers. The reason vaping can be used as an amazing quitting aid is because you are able to choose your nicotine strength and slowly lower it down. However, this is only one way that it can be used, a lot of people also vape and smoke at the same time to simply reduce the amount of cigarettes they have on a daily basis. Either way the nicotine is still hitting the back of your throat just like smoking does, which makes the change a lot easier to handle as it is similar to what you are used to.

Personal Experience

As an ex smoker myself (the author), the reason I found vaping so successful was simply due to it being something I could do with my hands. Unlike nicotine patches, vaping requires you to still use your hands to use the device. The habit of physically doing it is what I struggled with and still being able to go outside and do something made it much easier for me to make the switch. 

It is also worth noting that since there is a vast array of juice flavours to choose from and try, using vaping to cut down smoking is made a lot more interesting and satisfying than other quitting methods.

Choosing the right device for you is important!

Choosing the right device for you can be very important. If you are dedicated to switching to vaping but buy a device that is unsuitable for your needs, you will find it very difficult. Seasoned vapers will be using much more advanced machines than someone who just started vaping will be. It is all about a gradual swap therefore, a simple mouth to lung (MTL) device would be a lot more substantial for quitting smoking than a direct lung (DL) device. For more information regarding MTL and DL please see our other blog posts.

If you are looking for advice regarding the best device for you to stop or just simply want our expert advice, do not hesitate to contact us at or 07543 676656.