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Vapenrg – Covid Safety and How We Are Making our Store More Covid Safe.

2020 was a difficult year for everyone. With the new 2021 lockdown the country is not feeling anymore hopeful. Many companies have had to change the way they operate and we are no exception. Here at Vapenrg we are doing everything within our power to make our physical vape shop location based in the Merseyway Shopping Centre in Stockport; a lot safer for our customers. This includes all of our staff wearing masks and the new introduction of our online Click & Collect service. 

During the first lockdown back in March 2020 we started to think about streamlining the process of our customers buying the products we provide. This started with the revamp of our website, allowing our customers to buy their supplies from the safety of their own home. Not only this but we are also taking orders over the phone. 

With our new website we are able to track orders with ease and customers are able to see live stock levels. We believe this is the best way forward as we will be constantly providing accurate information about the products we supply. 

What We Have Done

There are many ways in which we are keeping our customers safe, these include the following. 

  • A Click & Collect option at checkout.
  • You can order any of our vaping products over the phone.
  • Our new streamlined website allows our customers to find vaping products with ease.
  • FREE Delivery on our vaping products or orders of over £30.
  • It is now mandatory for our staff to wear masks in-store at all times.
  • We have invested in protective screens at our till areas.

Since the new strain everything seems to be changing once again. Guidelines and rules are getting a lot stricter and will force many companies into making difficult decisions. We are constantly checking for new guidelines and other ways in which we can make our shop a safer place and other ways to make it easier for our customers to buy their vaping items while reducing physical contact. If you would like to peruse our vape shop online why not click here.

Your Suggestions

If you have any other suggestions on how we can make our store safer or our website easier then do not hesitate to contact us at Your suggestions will always be welcome and adhered to if possible. 

Stay Safe everyone!  – The Vapenrg Team.